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CURT AECP Task Group – Business Processes SUMMARY WHITEPAPER: Compensation Issues in Digital Practice (Bernstein & Skinner) Draft 1.0 Prepared by P. Bernstein – 3/18/05 CONTEXT: The Task Group contemplates proposing, in the context of overall recommendations for practice under the principles established in the CURT AECP Whitepaper, various mechanisms for compensating members of the […]

This version of the “GSA Building Information Modeling Guide Series 01 – Overview” is identified as Version 0.50 to indicate its provisional status. With its publication, the GSA BIM Guide, for the first time, becomes available for public review and comment. As its provisional status denotes, however, it will continue to serve as the basis […]

”the question is not whether BIM will come, it will, given the advantages it offers to owners. The real question is how this emerging technology should be implemented to help us get what we want from our work”… 17 Building information technology, as I understand it, 18 is about use, reuse and transformation of information […]