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The fundamental basis to consider an Architecture Project as a “Complex System” is to regard every system as a “Complex System”, organized by individuals that interact with each other thorough the whole process of actions. The dynamics produced by this interaction is not linear, and it can not be analyzed as a Simple System. The […]

Nowadays, in general, Architecture is thought and planned as a linear organization, and it is not clear how BIM alone can change that path. It is true that BIM is dynamic, because it allows changes go back and forward and keep the Digital Model (Product) up to date. Nevertheless, when the Idea is being built […]

Architecture Project Planning In general, traditional Architecture and Construction Planning are linear organizations, although in the last fifteen years much has been done to modernize the traditional planning, nurturing the process of Architecture Design and Construction with cutting edge organizational theories from different disciplines. BIM is considered rather “new” (it has been in the market […]

System Theory, Dynamic Thinking and Soft Operation Research “System Theory” is the interdisciplinary study of the abstract organization of phenomena, independent in their essence, type or spatial or temporal scale of existence. It investigates both principles, with common and complex entities.4 The real systems are open (as an AP, lots of actions are related with […]

Huge Potential, Some Success and Several Limitations Written by: Ian Howell and Bob Batcheler Introduction Since the great Building Information Modeling (BIM) debate facilitated by Jerry Laiserin in April 2003, and reported on here in the Laiserin Letter, much has transpired with regard to building information modeling. Pilot projects have been completed, BIM systems have […]