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“A problem is never solved at the same level it was created” – Albert Einstein As shown before in this document many tools for project management use technology to drive the project through the different phases. This is effectively carried out in design and planning, while the construction phase usually becomes a micromanagement effort that […]

Compiled by Francois Grobler, (based on communications with Bjørn K. Stangeland, Data design Systems, Norway) Draft 0.8 – Nov 18, 2004 Draft 0.9 – Dec 13, 2004 This is a working draft and has not been reviewed by the Facilities Information Council Facilities Information Council: Building Information Model (BIM) Standards What is a BIM: “A […]

In order to create a tool that overcomes current limitations, many technology enablers might be involved to develop the software solution. Alejandro Moreira para BIMing Argentina

An accurate, consistent and intuitive visualization becomes imperative when dealing with processes and not static data, as they demand monitoring large data sets changing in real time. “Process control”, the automated control of a process, refers to the regulation of all aspects of the process, but also describes the method of keeping processes within specified […]

VISUAL NATURE OF HUMAN BEINGS Human beings are visual creatures in nature, therefore they use images to communicate to others, present or not, complex concepts that are difficult to express otherwise. These capabilities can be found back in the primitive caves, where hunters left pictographs mentioning their produce. In our times, the enhanced performance of […]