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Introduction In the current scenario, to fully take advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technologies we may have to think outside BIM. The introduction of BIM into architectural design implies great improvements in our profession as it makes easier the interoperability, collaboration and data exchange among stake-holders. Due to the power that it brings and […]

Representational flexibility for design Stouffs, R. and Krishnamurti R., Data views, data recognition, design queries and design rules., First International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC’04), Accepted, 19-21 July 2004, MIT, Cambridge, USA. RUDI STOUFFS Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, BT/TO&I, PO Box 5043, 2600GA Delft, The Netherlands and RAMESH KRISHNAMURTI […]

Chris GORDON*, Frank BOUKAMP†, Daniel HUBER‡, Edward LATIMER‡, Kuhn PARK§, Burcu AKINCI† Abstract: Defects that occur during the construction process account for a large percentage of overall defects in the built environment. Defects waste time and money, and affect the overall performance of the built environment. These problems can be minimized with proactive application of […]

El tiempo para el desarrollo de las actividades congruentes de la práctica profesional de la arquitectura son esencialmente variables, ya que la actividad misma presenta diferentes modelos como se expreso anteriormente. A manera de síntesis se puede establecer que existen 2 (dos) conceptos de management de información que tienen directa relación al tiempo, estos son, […]

CHARLES THOMSEN FAIA FCMAA Is Integrated Project Delivery a form of design-build—gathering architects and engineers into the traditional builder’s sphere of legal responsibility to deliver a product? Or is it the reverse—a process that brings the builder into the Architect’s professional responsibility to exert a Standard of Care and operate in the interest of […]