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After a little shift towards management, I found myself reading William E. Deming, and an interesting crossing (at least for me) arises. I like to think that every good architecture project is a high quality project, in holistic terms (if correct the use of the word). So, Quality, becomes relevant (as component?) of every architectural […]

Architecture as many other disciplines, it is a business that deals with particular issues that makes it different, but the bottom ground tells me, from one way or another, it is a business after all. We architects do things for other people. The business side of architecture, isn’t different to others, and it succeed only […]

Burcu Akinci Assist. Prof., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University Problem Statement Not having a complete project history of as-built conditions of facility components results in a waste of time and money during operation and maintenance of a facility. Not capturing and storing a complete project history minimizes the learning that can occur […]

Imagine architecture as a big box, capable of hold many thing, and cantaloupes are great ideas, concepts, technical information, etc. all thing related to an architecture project. Trowing all the cantaloupes in the box may result in an inadequate way of storage them, as an architecture project when we trow a whole bunch of ideas […]