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Theory of Constraints Project Management A Brief Introduction into the Basics Authored by Dee Bradbury Jacob Partner The Goldratt Institute William T. McClelland, Jr. Partner The Goldratt Institute Whether your organization manages stand-alone or multiple projects, whether those projects are small or large, whether your customers are internal or external, or whether the nature of […]

The Architect’s Collaborator: Toward Intelligent Tools for Conceptual Design Kimberle Koile AI Technical Report 2001-001 January 2001 massachusetts institute of technology — artificial intelligence laboratory The Architect’s Collaborator: Toward Intelligent Tools for Conceptual Design by Kimberle Koile Submitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the […]

The study of design problem in design thinking Y.-c. Chiang Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan Abstract The view of design as a kind of problem-solving activity has been an important base in the study of design cognition. Most of time, the researchers identify design problems as design briefs. But recently, some results of protocol analysis […]

Full article in Phil Bernstein’s Blog Grabbing for Control, and Acceding it Last month in San Francisco, a panel of contributors to Peggy Deamer’s and my book “Building (In) The Future:  Recasting Labor in Architecture” discussed the future of technology and practice in the realm of labor:  how is the act of design remediated by […]