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Home Printing, Literally by JOSHUA FOSS @ So this is pretty much the bees knees! Gone are the days of thinking printers are just for paper. We’re entering an era where printing has added a dimension… we’re talking 3D of course! Rapid product prototyping is becoming a vital tool in many industrial designer’s arsenals now. […]

“Detail: The Subject of the Object” by Peggy Deamer The Subject as Citizen The “details” of architecture shift attention away from the architectural object and focus it instead on its maker, the subject. Unlike composition, spatial sequence or structure, which can be read as inherent in the object’s own logic, details, even conceptually, don’t make themselves. […]

No todo esta inventado, solo hay que saber buscar adonde desplegar las intensiones. Guerrila Innovation. Small Creative Initiatives that challenge big traditional Ideas. Miba – Museum of Ideas & Inventions Barcelona. by Sebastian Don’t expect to see historic inventions at Miba (like the first light bulp or mobile phone). Expect up-to-date inventions, speculative and quirky designs […]

I just read in Phil Bernstein’s blog his last post, which is about the End of Construction Drawings. If you read an earlier post on my blog about a exchange of thought that I have whit Paul Teicholz, you can figure it out that almost 4 years later, the topic is gaining momentun and we […]

Jean Baptiste Michel @ TED. The mathematics of history. What can mathematics say about history? According to TED Fellow Jean-Baptiste Michel, quite a lot. From changes to language to the deadliness of wars, he shows how digitized history is just starting to reveal deep underlying patterns. Jean-Baptiste Michel looks at how we can use large […]

It’s Time for Some Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education by Liz Dwyer @ GOOD Technological innovations are placing information right at our fingertips for free when it used to only be available if you went to college; it’s clear that we’re on the cusp of a higher education revolution. But how do we figure out what […]

Learning to ‘Think Wrong’ Could Be the Key to the Right Answers by Liz Dwyer @ GOOD We’ve all been in group brainstorm sessions where everyone is shouting out ideas but none of them really solve the problem at hand. It sounds counterintuitive, but social designer Marc O’Brien says trying to come up with right […]

Is Your City Design-Centered or Place-Centered? by Project for Public Spaces When an opportunity to develop a site in your city comes up, what kind of approach do the people leading the process take? Do they treat the site as an independent piece of real estate, to be interpreted by architects and planners first before […]

What If Your Food Hired an Architect to Redesign Your Kitchen? Part 2: The Harvest Table By Nick Sowers @ GOOD Unloading groceries sucks. First of all, I’ve usually already exhausted my limited stock of patience at the store. And the stuff in the bags is never organized. Running out of counter-space, putting food on […]

Food for Thinkers: What if Your Food Hired an Architect to Redesign Your Kitchen? By Nicola Twilley @ GOOD The kitchen has been a favored site for architects to implement their theories for modern living for more than a century, as MoMA’s current“Counter Space” exhibition makes clear. In the hands of designers, changing ideas about the […]