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Between 15 and 20% of the students that just finished their master in Architecture can’t find jobs, so the question is who’s to be Blamed? The Architecture as “Practice”, Architecture as “Academia”? UCLA Arch Graduates Talk Up Post-Studies Anxiety By Amanda Hess It is five days before commencement, and the students of UCLA’s architecture and urban […]



A Cruel and Unusual Record By JIMMY CARTER. THE United States is abandoning its role as the global champion of human rights. Revelations that top officials are targeting people to be assassinated abroad, including American citizens, are only the most recent, disturbing proof of how far our nation’s violation of human rights has extended. This development […]

En que pensamos cuando hacemos arquitectura? Egoísmo. Puro egoísmo,  por el deseo de parecer inteligente, que se hable de nosotros, para ser recordados, para taparles la boca a aquellos que nos han desairado en la infancia, etc. Es inocente pretender que eso no es un motivo, y uno realmente fuerte. Estas son características compartidas por […]

Los estudios de Gruen y Grimshaw fueron seleccionados para desarrollar el Master Plan para la Union Station de Los Angeles. Hasta acá sin grandes sorpresas. Lo llamativo es que la noticia esta publicada en la linea Entretenimiento, Arte, Cultura…Hacia donde va nuestra disciplina? Gruen, Grimshaw tapped for Union Station master plan By Christopher Hawthorne. Times […]

Cada generación debe entender que su situación es peor  y puede ser mejor que la anterior. Objects as Temporary Autonomous Zones The world is teeming. Anything can happen. John Cage, “Silence” 1 Autonomy means that although something is part of something else, or related to it in some way, it has its own “law” or “tendency” (Greek, nomos). In […]

Competing for the Future James P. Cramer @ Design Intelligence Beware the unimaginative and the Luddites who portend the end of the profession, and open your mind to a future of relevant possibilities. This issue of DesignIntelligence takes a detailed look at the latest data and trends in professional practice compensation in our “2012 Compensation and Benefits […]

Are You Ready for the Future of the AEC Industry? Tami Hausman, Ph.D @ Design Intelligence “I’m destined to achieve some great thing. What, I don’t know.” – Patton Two decades ago, who ever dreamed of carrying around a three-dimensional image of an entire building – that shows every detail, down to the nuts and bolts […]

Much have being said about the actual context for the Architectura profession. The interesting part of the article I am bringing you form it is that there are different way to understand the relevance of a problem. We as architect may face that Architecture isn’t in troubles, it is just us, the Architects. Practice […]

BIM: Who, What; How and Why by Jorge Carmona & Kathleen Irwin @Facilities,net BIM — building information modeling — is a yet another acronym in an industry full of three- and four-letter words. The term might be new, but with the potential to improve efficiencies throughsout the life-cycle of a building, it could quickly become […]