Getting Ready for new challenges


Are You Ready for the Future of the AEC Industry?

Tami Hausman, Ph.D @ Design Intelligence

“I’m destined to achieve some great thing. What, I don’t know.” – Patton

Two decades ago, who ever dreamed of carrying around a three-dimensional image of an entire building – that shows every detail, down to the nuts and bolts – on a screen smaller than a legal pad? That seemed like positively space age stuff. Now we take it for granted.

But even though Building Information Modeling is relatively new, it pales in comparison to other innovations that are taking place in architecture and its related fields. If futurist Edie Weiner can be believed, we will soon be printing three-dimensional building products on demand, growing trees into eco-houses, and using nanotechnology to create materials that can sense our touch and sounds.

Given the recession, it may seem counterintuitive that in many ways the building industry is booming. Weiner, who is president of futurist consulting group Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., disagreed. “We’re not in a recession,” Weiner declared to a crowd of some 250 AEC professionals on June 5th at the City University of New York Graduate Center, “but rather a fundamental transformation,” such as when we advanced from an industrial to a post-industrial society.

A panel of top industry experts responded to Weiner’s talk; Jane Chmielinski, chief operating officer of AECOM, moderated. The event was hosted by the venerable Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF), known for breaking down barriers in the AEC industry to advance women to positions of leadership and promote innovation.

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