Thinking on BIM?



At SHP, our conversion to a building information modeling (BIM) process occurred in 2005.  We completely converted all of our architects and engineers to the Revit platform in about ten months that year.  The timetable we set for ourselves was unheard of and we knew it.  However, by committing to the goal of getting 100% of our firm using Revit allowed us to figure out a lot of the bumps and bruises very quickly.  We were also very public about our conversion because we believed in the change (and still do).  In turn, by being so public about this new direction caused a lot of our clients and building owners to engage us to find out how and why we did it.  These conversations quickly turned into how we could help them leverage BIM as well.

The first question that we ask of all of our clients is: “What do you want to do with the information?”  We call this asking the last question first.  This question needs to be understood at its fundamental level.  That question and the conversations that follow typically have an educational component to them.  From the owner, what is BIM and how does it affect them?  From us, how do you currently manage your buildings and building information?  The beauty of these questions is that they are so open-ended that they can’t help but lead to more conversation and understanding.

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