BIM isn’t a tool, it’s more like a mindset


The Revolution Continues 

The Challenges and Benefits of BIM Today—and in the Future

By Jessica Porter

When building information modeling (BIM) began gaining popularity a decade ago, it was expected to dramatically change the construction industry. In addition to replacing 2-D drawings with 3-D, 4-D and 5-D models, BIM users can determine exactly how each building component works together in the planning stage to create a more cost- and time-efficient final product. Now that the industry is familiar with the technology, the ways in which BIM is used has exceeded what was initially forecast.

The types of firms buying into BIM and the ways in which they use it continue to evolve. Though there are still kinks to be worked out, one thing is certain: Contractors that have not embraced BIM to some degree are at a competitive disadvantage.

Models can integrate plans, sections, elevations, specifications and equipment manuals. In the following Q&A, a few construction industry experts offer their thoughts on the development, and future, of BIM:

How has the popularity and usefulness of BIM morphed in the past few years? 
“The design community embraced BIM more from the beginning than contractors did. They were excited about doing projects in BIM,” Roden says. “What we found in the electrical field, and to some degree in the mechanical field, is the libraries of objects and related things weren’t quite there in the beginning. It was difficult to use, so the enthusiasm waned a little bit. But in the last four years or so, the design community finally has most of the tools needed to say BIM is easier than 2-D CAD.

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