Michael Graves and the different views


The article published in english here, was also published in spanish here. Besides the language differences, it is also interesting to see, the different meaning it gets from each side.

Note that @NYTimes, the title is “Architecture and the Lost Art of Drawing”. The issue here is the “ART of DRAWING”. In ClarinArquitectura, the spanish site, it says “A favor del lapiz”, which could be “In favor of the pencil”. Both titles suggst different meaning.

First, Mr. Graves talks about Art of drawing, which is ok for me. But I don’t consider Architecture a drawing. The spanish version, presents the topic as barricade agaisnt computer, which is ok for me too, since a don’t consider architecture a computer thing.

I recomend to read Phil Bernstein article, to follow up this topic. Also try this one, and if you have time, take a look online for more.

I just can say that, even I love my ZIP Drive, that I bought saving money from my first jobs in 1997, now I feel much better sharing files thru DropBox. Thing are changing, and we should learn how to get the best of each change.


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