More on Graves and how he lost his Pencil.


Think about this…


Are there 78 year old architects who have been using computers for 75 years? No. Of course not. But there will be. When we try new methods of production and design, the early results can be stiff and far from our best work. But this isn’t a sign of failure. It’s merely a step in a new direction. It’s something to overcome, to work through. Those of us who are slogging through the changing tools of architecture will come out stronger on the other side. Remember, we were all given crayons before we could walk. Today’s infants are now also given access to computers. This is a good thing.

So Mr. Graves let’s try your letter again.

But this time I’m going to write the rallying cry at the end for you:

“Architects have always designed with the equivalent of pencil and paper. From the earliest scribbles on a cave wall through much of the 20th century, our design tools have not fundamentally changed. This is no longer the case and we have past the point of no return. As a profession we have fallen behind in the rush to adopt new technologies. Even things like BIM, which seem so new and awe inspiring to us, have been around for decades in other industries. I am excited to see the upcoming generations embrace the digital realm and show me the soul of the computer. The soul that must be there. Because in truth there is no soul in the computer. Or in the pencil and paper. It’s in us. Our creative spark. The medium is just a means of expression. Let’s embrace and take ownership of the technology around us. To think or do otherwise leads only to obsolescence and marginalization.”

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