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Architects don’t always get it right by Bob Borson @ Life of an Architect It pains me to say this but architects don’t always get it right. That’s right … I said it. I am secure enough in my abilities to admit when I don’t get it right (**notice that I didn’t say that I got it […]

How Technology Changed Project Management By Andrew Heaton @DesignBuildSource At its most basic, project management in building and construction involves three core aspects: (a) an objective (or set of objectives) to deliver, (b) a time within which to deliver it and (c) a budget within which to deliver it. That, however, is where the simplicity stops. In […]

Viber, un caso de ironía, o un ejemplo de divergencia necesario para ayudarnos a entender la dinámica de la actualidad? Un start up israelí que opera en un país cuya población judía no supera el 1%, una aplicación que ofrece a los usuarios la posibilidad de comunicarse gratis pero basada en un país (Bielorusia) dominado […]

Como la primer reacción a lo desconocido, seguramente la confrotación esta asegurada. Pero es así? Les dejo unos comentarios de Fred Pearce muy interesantes para enteneder mejor este fenomeno en discusión actualmente. Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions? On issues ranging from genetically modified crops to nuclear power, environmentalists are increasingly refusing to listen to […]

Louis Kahn dijo: A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, “must go through measurable means when it is being designed” and in the end must be unmeasurable.  Lamentablemente la pegagoza tradicion Beaux Art de las facultades de Arquitectura, todavia no ha decodificado que significa “must go through measurable means when is being designed”, y […]

Reinventing Higher Education The overriding aim of the conference, which was organized last year in collaboration with the Chronicle of Higher Education, is to bring together university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, student representatives and media experts to discuss the current status and future evolution of Higher Education (HE), and to debate the direction in […]

Integrated School of Building @chicago The school will provide students with rigorous academic studies while engaging, fostering, and supporting creativity, innovation, and determination, and its vision is to become a first choice institution for those that seek to become leaders in the industry. Its establishment in the city of Chicago is no less than poignant, […]

“the aftermath of crises is usually a bad time. But that’s because the policy response to crises is usually lousy. We are repeating that story — but we shouldn’t.” by Paul Krugman @NYTimes Blogs Bubble, Bubble, Conceptual Trouble We’re living in the aftermath of a major financial crisis. Reinhart-Rogoffwarned in advance that recovery was likely to […]

It’s hard to create Art from Documentation, or rather present Documentation as Artwork. THE PERFORMATIVITY OF PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTATION by Philip Auslander The connection between performance and docu- ment is thus thought to be ontological, with the event preceding and authorizing its documentation. Although it is generally taken for granted, the presumption of an ontological relation- ship […]

Opinionator @NYTimes by Allison Arieff In cities where space is at a mind-boggling premium, McCormick’s idea of taking up residence in a parking space — in what he refers to as a “Houselet” — isn’t all that far-fetched. It may in fact be more appealing than the so-called “hacker hostels” that got a lot of buzz earlier […]