Collaboration as tool for success


Integrated Development @ Phil Bernstein’s Blog

In various discussions about integrated project delivery (IPD) here in the US I’m often asked “what sort of projects are best suited for IPD?”  I consider these queries to be a derivative of a similar question of maybe eight years ago, to wit “what sort of projects are suitable for BIM?”  And I guess the correlation isn’t unexpected since IPD as a concept emerged from the process implications and potential of BIM, and in early days (say the mid 2000s) the two ideas were often co-mingled and even confused.

But now that the technological process (BIM) has been conceptually parsed from the delivery process (IPD) have the answers to these questions changed?  In the case of BIM itself, I believe that we’re way past the “what sort of projects suit” because the technology has matured, adoption widened, and I see projects from house additions to campus complexes being modeled successfully.  The project type question for IPD, however, is a little more nuanced because of a very important factor–and it’s not project type–the client.

A fundamental precept of IPD (or any “integrated delivery” approach) is deep collaboration between the designers, the builders *and* the owner.  In the case of clients where success is deeply dependent on such collaboration, such as complex programmatic projects like hospitals, institutional buildings, research labs, or concert halls, an IPD approach is consistent with good design and construction practice.  The more the client is connected to every important decision the happier he or she is likely to be, and the more informed the architects, engineers and contractors who carry out that vision.

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