Productivity as Art.


Architects are often worried about organization limiting their art potential, but they souldn’t think that way.

How to Master the Art of Productivity

by Dan Schawbel @ BROOKINGS

When you were at Fidelity, how did you balance your time?

When I was president of Fidelity, I made a point of getting home almost every night at 7pm for dinner. Those dinners enhanced our family life and gave me a break from work. I also learned that I didn’t need to stay late every night to get ahead. If I still had work to do, I would retreat to my home office around 10pm, after my children had gone to sleep. The break often let me come up with fresh solutions to thorny problems.

What are your best productivity tips for workers who are looking to get ahead in their careers?

In thinking about their careers, many young professionals try to figure out their ultimate goal – say, becoming CEO of their company, or being appointed a federal judge. But that perspective is unrealistic – the world is far too random for such rigid planning. Instead, young people should take a step-by-step approach to career planning. They should think about what next step would increase their career options in the future. That means gaining transferable skills or knowledge—such as leadership, or computer programming. It also means growing their professional network by working with a wide variety of other professionals.

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