Planificación y Administración Urbana, pero enserio.


Muchas ciudades han adoptado el titulo de ser sustentables, aprovechandose de lo poco que se conoce al respecto, con un perfil muy publicitario y edulcorado.

Para ser sustanbles enserio, son importantes todas las mediciones posibles para de esa manera poder generar una base de datos relacionada y obtener información confiable. Desde alli tomar decisiones y no solo apoyarse en supuestos o creencias obsoletas.

Acá les dejo un poquito de lo que se esta haciendo y que debería empezar a hacerse en nuestras ciudades “políticamente sustentables”, pero “energéticamente ineficientes”.


A team of U.S. researchers has developed a software system that they say documents carbon dioxide emissions in urban areas down to the level of individual buildings or street segments. Using publicly available data on local pollution, traffic counts, and building uses — as well as models of building-by-building energy consumption — the researchers from Arizona State and Purdue universities were able to create three-dimensional maps detailing carbon emissions. The researchers hope the software will provide insights into urban CO2 sources and help guide public policy on climate change and sustainable energy use. “Cities have had little information with which to guide reductions in greenhouse gas emissions — and you can’t reduce what you can’t measure,” said Kevin Gurney, an assistant professor at Arizona State University. So far, the so-called Hestia software has been used to produce visualizations for the city of Indianapolis, but the group is also developing maps for Los Angeles and Phoenix. Ultimately researchers hope to create maps for all major U.S. cities.

Read the full article here.

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