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La Consecuencia, es la Causa de la Causa? Advertisements

Paul Goldberger, un reconocido critico de arquitectura de la revista New York y ahora colaborador en Vanity Fair (tema que fue tocado por este blog anteriormente) le da la bienvenida a la critica de arquitectura a traves de Twitter, justamente “porque hay edificios que no merecen mas de 140 caracteres para referirse a ellos”. El […]

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This fall, for the first time ever, graduate students studying historic preservation at the University of Southern California won’t actually get a degree in preservation. Reflecting the global awareness and diversity of the student body, as well as the broad nature of the preservation field, USC will instead award a Master of Heritage Conservation degree. […]

Entrepreneurship In Design by Kathryn H. Anthony Successful entrepreneurs in design have broken out of the box, carving out new areas of practice. Several have blurred the boundaries of the architectural profession, redefined traditional roles of architects and impacted the public in ways we could never have imagined. These are key questions that my students, colleagues […]

Apenas Alejandro Zaera Polo fue designado Decano de la facultad de Arquitectura de la Princeton University, un grupo de estudiantes  se autoconvocó y presentó sus quejas. A mas de 6 meses de gestion, Zaera Polo hizo un balance de sus actividades, incluso plantea una saludable y actual tendencia a vincular la escuela de Arquitectura con […]

Recognition of the importance of technology in shaping architecture firms is particularly derived from work conducted by David Maister during his years as professor at the Harvard Business School. In studying other professional firms generally-especially law and accounting firms-Maister recognized a pattern in the key technologies they all use.He defines these technologies as: Brains (expertise) […]

Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Turns 30 Muchas veces se escucha hablar de “Desafíos”, “Simpleza”, “Contundencia”, “Juventud”, “Controversia”, “Diferencia”, etc. Cuando Maya Lin ganó el concurso para el Vietnan Memorial, puso el mundo patas para arriba y eso hay que celebrarlo. Photo via National Parks Service Lin’s original sketch. Image via Wikipedia Photo from Vanity […]

 By Anthony Vidler Peter Eisenman’s current exhibition at Yale School of Architecture leaves behind the mathematical analysis of Palladio’s villas espoused by Colin Rowe and replaces it with a volumetric analysis. In so doing, Eisenman overturns much of the traditional thinking around Palladio, and shows him to be an endlessly parametric experimenter and a paradigm […]

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