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Por un pelito


La casa que Frank Lloyd Wright diseño para su hijo estaba por ser demolida y justo fue comprada. Asi se salvo, por un pelito. Sale of Wright House Assures Its Preservation PHOENIX – A house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright here for his son was sold on Thursday, guaranteeing its preservation after it had been threatened […]

“Everything that we do is music” said John Cage. He composed a piece to be played by ANY instrument, but players weren’t allowed to play it. So, the question is, everything that we do is architecture? A flashmob is settled for this comming december 30th at Alexander Platz in Berlin, where everyone is invited to […]

Considering the challenges facing the built environment in the coming years and decades then, it seems logical that good, high-level spatial thinkers and managers be in demand to fill positions of influence alongside building scientists, urban planners, etc… But the range of specialized knowledge needed to tackle problems like building performance and process inefficiency is vast and […]