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Architecture in the Age of Printing  Mario Carpo translated by Sarah Benson The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England Architectural design was one of many disciplines whose history was di- rectly and permanently affected by printed images. From the beginning of the early modern period, the diffusion of architectural patterns and motifs has been determined […]

The Art of Observation and How to Master the Crucial Difference Between Observation and Intuition by Maria Popova Why genius lies in the selection of what is worth observing. Claude Bernard distinguished two types of observation: (a) spontaneous or passive observations which are unexpected; and (b) induced or active observations which are deliberately sought, usually on […]

One thing that separates the great innovators from everyone else is that they seem to know a lot about a wide variety of topics. They are expert generalists. Their wide knowledge base supports their creativity. As it turns out, there are two personality traits that are key for expert generalists: Openness to Experience and Need for […]

What It Really Takes To Be An Architect POSTED ON: SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 BY BUILD LLC Most architecture schools don’t teach anything about project finances — nothing whatsoever. At the same time, poor cost estimating skills are probably the number one reason that architecture projects die. In school, you’re practically encouraged to spend your last $75 on that […]

Almost half of architects using bim   New survey shows uptake on the rise   The latest NBS National BIM Survey shows that almost 40% of construction professionals are now using bim. The data, collected between December 2012 and February 2013, also shows that 71% of respondents agree that bim is ‘the future of project […]