BIM’s implementation


Almost half of architects using bim


New survey shows uptake on the rise


The latest NBS National BIM Survey shows that almost 40% of construction professionals are now using bim.

The data, collected between December 2012 and February 2013, also shows that 71% of respondents agree that bim is ‘the future of project information’.

Think bim

Source: Angela Salt


Although the numbers using bim continues to grow, a lack of clarity around the subject was identified by the survey as an obstacle to more rapid adoption, with three-quarters agreeing that ‘the industry is ‘not clear enough on what bim is yet’.

And almost two years after the publication of the UK Construction Strategy, in which bim plays a central role, fewer than half of respondents are aware of the different levels of bim – Level 2 being mandatory on all government projects by the end of 2016.

Stephen Hamil, director of design and innovation at RIBA Enterprises, said: “The true benefits of bim will not be realised until the industry focuses on clear requirements around structured information.

“This has been the government’s clear and consistent message. This must now spread to all those involved in the UK construction industry.”

Despite the uncertainty around the subject, the survey supports the view that the greater use of bim is unstoppable with 73% agreeing that clients will increasingly insist on its use, 66% saying the same about contractors and 51% confirming that the government ‘is on the right track with bim’.

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