No one sleeps under semiotics


That was when he said that “people can not have lunch under a manifesto”, which left the thankless Paul Goldberger (was he who said) task of defending the theory. “The mistake is to see these homes as prototypes,” said the critic. “They are unique works of art. But I appreciate the Villa Savoye because they have to live in it. It is very difficult to live every moment into a work of art. Who can hear a string quartet by Beethoven all day, all the time? “.

Asked what he most admires Brazilian architects, Souto de Moura has a ripped compliment Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and his work in Lisbon, the (still open) new Coach Museum. As for the criticisms, says that appreciates provided they are not offensive or personal, and argued that architecture “should not be adjectivada”.

In an interview with the Globe, the Portuguese architect spoke of the project for which he was invited, along with Álvaro Siza, a temporary pavilion in Ibirapuera Park should be ready for the Biennale of Architecture in São Paulo in October, but for the which there is no funding because “Portugal has no money and the Brazilian wonder what the reason to fund a pavilion Portuguese”.

Siza has confirmed that even Lusa, explaining that the project, in the amount of 880 thousand euros, is waiting for the Secretary of State for Culture materialize the support they promised.

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