Management tip


Stop Thinking Like You Always Have

To surface groundbreaking ideas, you need to challenge the long-held beliefs the people at your company hold about doing business. Here’s how to kill the status quo:

  • Impose artificial limitations. It may seem counterintuitive, but this can spark creativity. By enforcing mock constraints – for example, focusing exclusively on existing customers – you are forced to dig deeper to uncover more inventive solutions.
  • Compare your organization to others. See how your company’s best practices stack up against others, especially those outside your industry. This is not about emulating others; it’s about stimulating new ideas that might not come to light otherwise.
  • Look for unorthodox opportunities. Don’t confine your creative thinking to products or services. Instead, consider every touch point between you and your customers to improve how they interact with your organization.

Adapted from dapted from “Free Yourself from Conventional Thinking,” by Brian Klapper.


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