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Man with a Movie Camera Is an experimental silent documentary film (1929), with no story and no actors, by Russian director Dziga Vertov. “The Cinematic Orchestra were commissioned to record the score to play as the opening event in Porto, Portugal’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2001.” Enjoy Advertisements

‘Throughout the present century architects have made fetishes of technological and scientific concepts out of context and have been disappointed by them when they developed according to the processes of technical development, not according to the hopes of architects. A generation ago, it was “The Machine” that let architects down − tomorrow or the day […]

The ugliest building on Harvard’s campus just might be its most beautiful Bradley Campbell @PRI Fifty years ago, a genius architect with the pseudonym “Le Corbusier” completed a building designed to inspire art at Harvard University. Le Corbusier turned the idea of a building inside out. A curving concrete entry ramp lifted students skyward from […]

Spatial data models and tools for urban design  Sustainable urban development objectives and comprehensive planning practice increasingly require knowledge-based and performance oriented approaches to urban design, using multiple layers of information contextualised at multiple scales of intervention (Gil & Duarte, 2013). However, urban design education and practice still lag in the adoption of GIS data […]

The work is quantitative, parametric, iterative, and most importantly, temporal. Architecture has always been an iterative process: design, document, build, and repeat. Lessons were learned over the course of years and an architect with 20 years of experience may have seen a dozen iterative cycles. Data-driven design has transformed the iterative loop to model, simulate, […]

This year, The Bartlett held its first annual conference on pedagogy, “Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM: Built Environment Education and Information Management”. The conference came about through the faculty’s motivation to focus on BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Big Data, derived from the exponential growth of built environment professions’ access to spatial statistics and […]

The new PATH train station at ground zero is expected to open in 2015 but is six years behind schedule and will cost $4 billion, twice the original budget. A Star Architect Leaves Some Clients Fuming Ignacio Blanco, the member of the provincial Parliament who started the Web site, has unleashed a flood of information […]

Zaha Hadid’s extension to the SerpentineGallery has opened today in London’s Kensington Gardens The gallery opens with an exhibition from Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas. Located just across the river from the main gallery building, the Serpentine Sackler Gallery occupies a 200-year-old former gunpowder store. Zaha Hadid Architects renovated the old brick building to create new gallery spaces, then […]

Point of view. Metropolis magazine- Q&A: Thom Mayne Andrew Caruso Four Towers In One (Competition) Courtesy © Morphosis AC: Had you ever considered that you would start a design school? TM: No. I think that period of time was much more relaxed. I was doing what I wanted to do; I lived simply. I had my […]

Architects often succeed as leaders when they step outside of the conventional definitions they have given themselves. By the close of the 19th century, the architects’ professional association in the United States, the American Institute of Architects (aia), was publicly and loudly insisting that architects, as a profession, be considered a cadre of master artists […]