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Idokoro is merely somewhat ambiguous, it produces various scenes and also brings various expression and sense of distance to space. Another interesting element is the combination of different wooden textures. Artfully alternated and put against the white backdrop of the walls, they create perspective and warmth.  These wooden frames also pay stylistic homage to traditional Japanese architecture. Natalia Repolovsky […]

New Tools for Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment Most designers prioritize implementing sustainability strategies that save energy during a building’s use phase, and with good reason.  For conventional, code-compliant buildings, energy consumption during occupancy represents the lion’s share of life cycle impacts. But as energy codes and industry adeptness drive better operational efficiency, there emerges a […]

Handmade Bike


Sueshiro Sano, use Honduras mahogany and are custom built for a 100-percent tailored fit. They’re also impossibly light — a result of Sano’s well-honed boat-building methods — and have become objects of worship, and in some cases, derision, for hipsters and bike experts everywhere. Eso si, cuesta $20.000,00 (de los verdes)

T Residence.


Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. 2011

The Future Is How? Architects tend to look at the built environment as a fixable mess that will never stop growing, a necessary optimism I don’t generally share. Read the full article here

Today’s piece was going to be an op-ed column in the New York Times. But they declined to publish what I supplied. Which was this… From better out than in.

    The juxtaposition this home creates between the natural and built environment gives it a refreshing, bold quality. The building is not fighting with nature; it is having a conversation. House in Nanjo.  Matsuyama Architect and Associates  

The Meadowbrook Residence is a space to observe the diurnal and seasonal changes of the desert light within the urban setting of Phoenix, Arizona. It is an exploration of what natural aspects remain within the constructed landscape. The residence is organized around three sculpted rooms—a bedroom on either end and a living room in the middle. Each […]

GaaGa. Stripe House Stripe House is a small, mixed-use house located in the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. It takes its name from the characterizing horizontal stripes carved deep into the façade. The house resides in a new urban planning area where clients can develop their own houses. It is on a corner plot adjacent […]