Gehry’s fish in Barcelona, B side by Graham


BG: When I did the hotel, Frank Gehry, who was a friend of mine, wanted to do something with the passage to the sea, from the hotel all the way to the ocean. I said sure. So Frank tried this and that, and finally he tried a fish. We went to Barcelona for a meeting and Frank was about to open the box with his model in it and the mayor said, “Wait a minute. Why don’t you open Bruce’s maquette first?” It included the whole project, everything, and had a fish with the same form as Frank’s. So Frank said, “Oh!” Then I said, “Frank, of course, we’ll use your fish.” The fish that’s there now was designed by Frank Gehry. Afterwards, he gave me the maquette, which I still own. By the way, I don’t think he’s an architect. He used to be. He designed beautiful houses along the waterfront in California. Then he took up a sculptural mode.

DM: You don’t think that’s architecture?

BG: Architecture is space.

DM: But what about the inside of his buildings?
BG: That’s what bothers me about them. He doesn’t give spaces. Who wants to be inside the stomach of a fish? I still like Frank. We’re good friends.

Bruce Graham Interviewed by Detlef Mertins 


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