10 Things to know about BIM


BIM is as much about MANAGEMENT as it is about TECHNOLOGY

As a client, BIM can have a major effect on the way you manage your entire portfolio.  It is true that BIM processes are facilitated through new technology, but that’s just an enabler. The changes inherent to BIM have a fundamental impact on your business procurement and management strategies. It is pivotal to query your Project Managers and your legal counsel on their position on BIM. Ensure they become knowledgeable about BIM in order to provide you with consistent feedback about the impact of BIM on a policy, procurement, and a business level.
As a client, you are well advised to become strategic about the opportunities and the impact of BIM on your business in order to minimise risk and maximise ROI. A stronger focus on information management will help you to communicate your expectations clearly with your project team and to fine-tune parts of your project briefs and contracts that deal with BIM.  You should also consider involving BIM consultancy from third parties who help you to formulate your strategic approach to BIM in close alignment to your business model.
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