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The search for a fitting architect included meetings with Lewis Mumford, Alfred Barr and Philip Johnson, himself just starting his practice after stepping down as MoMA architecture curator. Eero Saarinen was the most helpful, despite his own ambition for the commission, suggesting a list of ‘those who could but shouldn’t, those who should but couldn’t, […]

Nobody has ever done what Bertrand Goldberg did with Prentice – which was to take a 17 story concrete building and connect it in a cloverleaf form with 4 roman arches. Everything is cantilevered outside of it’s core. Nobody had come up with that before and nobody has done it since. It that sense, as […]

Mindful of Tafuri’s statement that there is no such thing as criticism, only history, Biraghi carefully maps the influences on Tafuri’s writing—Walter Benjamin, Karl Krauss, Massimo Cacciari, and the architect Ludovico Quaroni, among others—in order to create a portrait of one of the most complex minds in twentieth-century architecture and architectural history. Tracing an arc […]

When the Hagerty House was built in 1938 along the rocky coastline of Cohasset, Massachusetts, the stodgy Yankee neighbors were appalled. The minimalist International Style structure may have sat in sharp contrast to the area’s traditional shingle, Federalist, and Greek Revival architecture, but it helped blaze a trail for the modern century to come. The […]

The oikos of Wittgenstein On the philosophy of modern architecture …The limit of the space of this house is constructed inexorably from within — from the very substance of its own language. The negative is not an other, but comprises the very othernesses that make up this language. There are no means of escape or “withdrawal” into the “values” of the interior. And the exterior […]

The photography of the architect who claimed to not believe in cameras is beguiling and revealing Speaking to a journalist in January 1936, Le Corbusier said ‘I do not believe in cameras, which are instruments for the idle. They fix nothing in your own brain.’ In his youth he had used a camera but had […]

While the architectural intervention initially started by dividing the interior and exterior, we became more interested in turning those strict divisions into a living contrast to be able to affect and to produce thinking and feeling. As an aging army of starchitects busily broadcast their brands, another generation of practitioners is fast at work making […]

by Ross Wolfe Architecture today is, first and foremost, a social product. Not just in the sense that it’s constructed by means of a complex, global division of labor (though this also), but at an even more basic level — it both embodies and envisions certain relations between men, as well. Make no mistake of it, however. […]

Automated design processes, critique on the profession’s culture, DIY-design and wider trends put pressure on the social and public relevance of the architect. On the other hand, architects are crossing boundaries, taking up new roles and experimenting with other approaches, while other professionals reinforce the importance of architecture. Will architecture dissolve into other professions or will […]

What is Tally™ Tally™ is a Revit application that allows architects and engineers to quantify the environmental impact of building materials for whole building analysis as well as comparative analyses of design options. While working on a Revit model, the user can define relationships between BIM elements and construction materials from the Tally™ database. The […]