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In 1934 the president of Northwestern University, Walter Dill Scott, predicted that technology would radically change the college experience. Distance learning would be more common thanks to TV, radio, and fax. And commuting students would change the physical landscape of the surrounding school. President Scott wasn’t altogether wrong, but the future didn’t arrive quite like he […]

Consider, for example, the case of Kodak versus Instagram. At the height of Kodak’s power, the company employed more than 140,000 people and carried a valuation of $28 billion. Today, Kodak is bankrupt, and Instagram has taken its place as the new face of digital photography. When Instagram was sold to Facebook for $1 billion […]

They are the products of a peculiar combination of artistic vision, money, political wherewithal, and engineering skill. Still, when we strip away the layers of real estate finance and zoning and construction and politics, and get beyond the arguments about what kind of environment is best for educating people, or healing people, or housing people, we […]

Architects are problem identifiers. Not only problem solvers, architects recognize that identifying the right problem to solve is often 80% of the solution. Frequently, the problem assigned is not the one that truly requires addressing. Architects work to make sure that everyone is focused on the most pressing, pertinent problem. from BIM + Integrated Design […]