Technology would radically change the college experience


In 1934 the president of Northwestern University, Walter Dill Scott, predicted that technology would radically change the college experience.

Distance learning would be more common thanks to TV, radio, and fax. And commuting students would change the physical landscape of the surrounding school. President Scott wasn’t altogether wrong, but the future didn’t arrive quite like he imagined.

From the September 1934 issue of Everyday Science and Mechanics magazine:

The university of twenty-five years from now will be a different looking place, says President Scott of Northwestern. Instead of concentrating faculty and students around a campus, they will “commute” by air, and the university will be surrounded by airports and hangars. The course will be carried on, to a large extent, by radio and pictures. Facsimile broadcasting and television will enlarge greatly the range of a library; and research may be carried on by scholars at great distances.

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