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Cuando los juegos de poder se corrompen bajo sistemas enclenques que fomentan la corporativización amiguista con falta de transparencia y manipulación de información, se gesta una exacerbación del microclima en el poder que aleja cada vez más la percepción de la realidad por parte de los gobernantes. Mientras las reglas sean esas, tarde o temprano la […]

‘It’s legal, but is it legitimate?’ and ‘It’s legitimate, but is it legal?’ These are questions rarely discussed in public concerning architecture and urban design. Yet architects have to deal with rules and regulations, and architecture is to a large extent defined by them. So the question is: how to deal with the law? @archis […]

Govern + Invest is a theme that will be explored at Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012: Pro Place. A question that will be examined is how bicycling and walking investments can add value to a community by creating economic activity, creating jobs, and improving quality of life. Already we know that when it comes to jobs created per […]

Emmanuel Petit, September 2013. @ Anyone Corporation While generalizations are reductive by definition, it is nevertheless important to identify trends: one of the more noticeable trends in recent architecture is the turn from metaphysics to immanence. Whereas postmodern architects thought of buildings and cities as fragments of an expansive texture or fabric, contemporary spaces are mostly […]

Peggy Deamer, February 2014 The contemporary infatuation with authorial form-generation on the one hand and image reception on the other–precluding production at their center–is weird. It forgets that late 19th- and early 20th-century theory was primarily focused on process, labor, construction, and assembly. John Ruskin’s concern for the autonomy of the worker, Gottfried Semper’s discourse on […]

WORK IS MORE ABOUT FINDING MEANING AND INDEPENDENCE. According to a 2013 study by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science paid work was ranked lower than any of the other 39 specific activities the survey respondents quantified, with the exception of being sick in bed. The researchers found that […]

    The pleasures of everyday things satisfy my thirst for simplicity. House Melides, by Manuel Aires Mateus and SIA Arqhitectura is perched atop a hill, on the Grândola Crest in Portugal. The unobtrusively, unusual main volumes overlap in the shape of a cross. The house captures a state of graciousness with stark simplicity. Articulated in lines of light, […]

Innovation, Optimism and Jobs Joe Nocera. The Opinion Pages. NYT Is digital technology destroying middle-class jobs? Does it exacerbate income inequality? Does it boost economic growth and productivity — without creating the jobs that ought to come with economic growth? Last month I gave space to a book titled “Who Owns the Future?” by the computer scientist […]

How people will help shape architecture For the first time, the masses can have a real say in how the built environment around them is formed—that is, if Building Teams are willing to listen. The rise of mobile devices and social media, coupled with the use of advanced survey tools and interactive mapping apps, has […]