BIM Plays Pivotal Role in Europe



The development of London’s new high-frequency underground railway line embodies the many benefits that BIM can bring to the process of design, engineering and construction.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is playing a pivotal role in the development of Crossrail, particularly given the sheer scope and complexity of the project and the bewildering range of sub-projects and contracts it encompasses.

Crossrail’s developers are using a centralised set of linked BIM databases to incorporate around a million CAD files into a single information model, in order to radically enhance accuracy, consistency and project coordination.

This BIM database accounts for just about every element involved in Crossrail’s development, encompassing 25 design contracts, 30 main works contracts and 60 logistics main works contracts.

All of the designs included follow a consistent set of 3D processes and rules, permitting the creation of detailed static as well as animated models of various aspects of the project in their full complexity literally years before they reach fruition.

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