In 2014 go BIM or Go home


BIM is about adding value to what Architects do.

In 2014 commit to switching to BIM, commit to improving the level of BIM you are doing, and/or commit to a definitive path of how you’ll get to BIM. Even if that day is a few years off, you should be able to say when and how you’ll get there. Mastering BIM and integrating it into your business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes effort. It costs both time and money. Make 2014 the year you define your end goal and work backwards. Do you have an employee who will get you there? Do you need to hire an expert? Will you go by baby steps or by choosing a new software and deleting your old one (my vote)? In this push to make the switch also remember to ask why you are making the change. There are tons of reasons to go BIM and tons of benefits (production, coordination, design, and integration being my favorite), but there is one that interests you most. Focus on that and get there. In 2014.

What’s so special about 2014? Keep watching this blog and elsewere. The latest versions of Revit, ArchiCAD, and other BIM applications will come out and be amazing (we know this because we always get new versions every year). New computers will come out that are even faster and more powerful. But maybe the simplest reason is this: if you acknowledge that ArchiCAD was the first BIM program in the architecture world, then BIM turns 30 this year. THIRTY. How many more years can you go avoiding this movement?



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