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In the interview, Foucault discusses his work in “Madness and Civilization” and ties it to his greater project. He goes on to talk about knowledge and truth, the subject and societal tolerance. “The universality of our knowledge,” Foucault explains, “has been acquired at the cost of exclusions.” I wondered, if at all, we Westerns were […]

A JANITOR’S TALE: Before Craig Good was hired at Lucasfilm in 1982, he was unemployed after a hodgepodge of jobs including audio equipment sales and undercover work for a private investigator. He heard about an opening in the studio’s General Services department, which handled janitorial and security, and got the job based on previous security […]

Sarah Whiting September 2013 Excerpt from Log 29, Fall 2013 What does it mean to essay today in architecture, to pursue architecture? Pursuit implies the focus–or essay–of a chase, but it also invokes Thomas Jefferson’s phrasing from the Declaration of Independence: the pursuit of happiness as an inalienable right. Architecture used to follow fairly clear […]

Antoine Picon February 2014 Excerpt from Log 30, Winter 2014 An archetype is not a type. As a generic condition, as a limit, it can inspire very different types of buildings. In this respect, [Maison] Dom-ino is even more archetypal than the 18th-century primitive hut, which was translated mainly to churches that share the same […]

By Witold Rybczynski, Hon. FAIA To the long list of architects who have had a go at designing a chair, we can now add Tadao Ando, Hon. FAIA. Carl Hansen & Søn, a Danish manufacturer known for its long association with the great Hans J. Wegner, recently unveiled Ando’s Dream Chair. I visited Hansen’s Hudson Street showroom […]

A hallmark of a healthy creative culture is that its people feel free to share ideas, opinions, and criticisms. Our decision making is better when we draw on the collective knowledge and unvarnished opinions of the group. Candor is the key to collaborating effectively. Lack of candor leads to dysfunctional environments. So how can a […]

Value Added Architects have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more. By Thomas Fisher, Assoc. AIA The fault for clients’ misperception of our value, unfortunately, lies with us. To its detriment, the architectural profession has […]

“Today financing a brand new building is relatively hard. Its not that easy. And if you think about transforming a building you can actually put it back on the market much quicker. You can be back generating revenue again more quicker. And I think sustainability is a big factor. People look at these big structures […]

Historias de la abuela sobre Almafuerte. A medida que pasa el tiempo se van entendiendo mejor.   Si te postran diez veces, te levantas otras diez, otras cien, otras quinientas: no han de ser tus caídas tan violentas ni tampoco, por ley, han de ser tantas. Con el hambre genial con que las plantas asimilan […]

Perspective had its critics, two of whom Panofsky refers to toward the end of his essay: Plato, who condemned perspective as it was born because “it distorted the ‘true proportions’ of things, and replaced reality and the nomos [law] with subjective appearance and arbitrariness”; and El Lissitsky, who attacked perspective because it “limited space, made […]