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Según FADEA en Argentina hay 61000 arquitectos, de los cuales estan matriculados 26230. De estos, solo 9180 realiza trabajos de proyecto y dirección. La relación indica que un 15% de los arquitectos efectivamente trabaja en tareas relacionadas en aspectos tradicionales de la práctica. Asimismo se indica que más allá de la acotada realidad para el ejercicio profesional, el número […]

Belgian street artist ROA creates heartbreaking images to illustrate the devastating results of animal hunting, pollution and other environmentally destructive human actions. This graffiti missionary manages to strike the world with his bone-chilling monochrome wall-paintings scattered all around the globe. ROA’s in-your-face and highly creative approach of raising awareness on environmental issues has become his trademark. […]

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru, consisting of artists Sainer and Bezt, breathes new life into abandoned or simply dull walls that otherwise would sink in their grey sadness. Their epic-sized and fantasy-driven street art is scattered in various locations, mainly in Eastern Europe. Etam Cru’s magnificent graffiti works are heavily charged with Eastern European folklore, […]

Narrow House was built for a couple and features three levels; these being the ground floor, a library, and the third level a studio for one of the individuals who is an artist. Narrow House also features a backyard to complete this vibrant home.

The challenge that an architect has to face when producing a restricted minimalist space is always an interesting one. Materiality and transparency then inform the degree of openness within that perimeter.

“In 1989. I couldn’t really draw so I didn’t think I could become a painter, but I really liked walking. So I used to walk between streets and narrow alleys and discover garbage piles and construction sites. I realized that “normal” people built and created things better than artists or professionals. Plus, what they were […]

“The intriguing point of a tree is that these places are not hermetically isolated but are connected to one another in its unique relativity. To hear one’s voice from across and above, hopping over to another branch, a discussion taking place across branches by members from separate branches. These are some of the moments of […]

Mies—like so many architects a self-invented social climber, shape-shifter, and name changer—was an autodidact. Although he did a few years of Latin and arithmetic at church schools around Aachen, Germany, where he was born in 1886, his formal education was minimal. His rise from a family of stonemasons to a gentleman with the manner of a […]

Alcanzar algo diferente solo se logra haciendo algo distinto, el resto es mediocridad. Para aquellos que no saben valorar el tiempo y en lugar disfrutar, buscan siempre alternativas para evitar tomar decisiones. 42 minutos que una persona “estandard” no perdería, son miles de sensaciones para aquellos que tienen la capacidad de ser otros y no dan […]

The social scientific research on the uses of BIM is growing. BIM enables and requires novel collaborative ways of working which need to be developed in local interventions and experiments. The CRADLE research group (from the University of Helsinki) has been developing activity theoretical perspective on BIM research taking influences from social scientific literature. The […]