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? ? ? ? ? This post is part of the BIMForum Flash Blog! I recently gave a talk at BIMForum’s spring event in Boston, and I figured that is as good a reason as any to restart my efforts over here at buildingdatum. If you’re into seeing what I…

Villa E is a lodge located at the base of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Viewed from below, the home appears to be a castle or fortress looming above the rugged countryside. But step closer and you’ll find a warm and comforting home with a distinct style. Read the full article here

Es difícil administrar realidades contrapuestas, exige un pensamiento complejo y sobre todo consistencia en el comportamiento. Nunca se pierde cuando lo que se busca es combatir frágiles verdades. Parece un error, pero hay que enojarse y animarse a perder, sobre todo la comodidad de estar de acuerdo con muchos, porque seguir el pensamiento de un […]

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Drawing is far from over. It’s not even close to dead. Not by a long shot. Just to make sure, I just tweeted: ‘Is drawing dead?’ Death of Drawing anyone? ‏‪Case Inc’s @davidfano immediately tweeted back: no :) ‪@JayZallan Agreed: no. Next. ‪Chicago architect-in-the-making @joshuamings tweeted: nope. I’m heading…

The Charnel-House. Ross Wolfe. Rietveld’s Schröderhuis in Utrecht (1924). Jean-Louis CohenThe Future of ArchitectureSince 1889 (Lonon: 2012). The cabinetmaker Gerrit Rietveld, who had briefly made copies of Frank Lloyd Wright’s furniture for Robert van’t Hoff, was involved with De Stijl’s activities from the beginning. He conceived furniture prototypes composed of basic shapes — wood planes and standard profiles — sliced in ways that […]

The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on the architecture of Europe J.J.P. Oud Wendingen July, 1925 . Although I am deeply convinced of the relativity of all appreciation in art, where contemporaries or persons very near to us are concerned, yet in my opinion the figure of Frank Lloyd Wright towers so assuredly above the surrounding world, […]

Perota Chingo


Música para viernes de Sisifo, que al igual que el chinito, sube la montaña que quizás mañana bajará. Un despedacito de río.

Tener datos no es poseer información. La información no necesariamente nos brinda conocimientos. Entender el conocimiento puede darnos sabiduría. Scarbrough, Swan y Preston señalan que “el conocimiento es mejor entendido como multidimensional y multifacético, incluye la cognición, la acción y los recursos, también las relaciones sociales”. Por su parte, Blacker menciona que: “El conocimiento es polifacético y […]

Technology is everywhere. Net Geners cannot remember a time in their education where a computer was not used for some learning experience. Because of this “tech-savviness,” traditional educational practices and ethics are coming into question. Cheating, for example, always a major academic infraction, is on the rise on college campuses—and technology is helping with cheating. […]