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Asi como demorarse no es muestra de paciencia, apurarse no es una señal de seguridad. “Me cansé de necesitarte”. “There is indeed such a thing as “timing” — the art of mastering rhythm — but timing and hurrying are … mutually exclusive.” Clock time is merely a method of measurement held in common by all […]

Architects are ridiculed if they take a moral position, and attacked if they don’t. What, then, in the 21st century, is ‘the duty of the architect’? In ‘The Insolence of Architecture’, a piece on Rowan Moore’s book Why We Build, Power and Desire in Architecture in the New York Review of Books, Martin Filler wrote that […]

Homenaje a mi querida Nona porque cree que desde afuera se puede ver adentro. House Saint-Forget was designed according to the golden section of Le Corbusier and the measure of a man, known as modular.

Si usted quiere trabajar en algunas de las principales oficinas de arquitectura del mundo, a continuación le dejo algunos detalles que debería saber. Conocimiento de instrumentos para el desarrollo de proyectos que le van a pedir: 71% Revit 50% AutoCad 34% SketchUp 29% Photoshop 18% Excel 10% Rhino 4% Dibujo a mano 0% ArchiCad Leer más […]

La gramática es la ciencia de usar las palabras correctamente, esto nos lleva a pensar con razón, a decidir con razón. La importancia de la gramática no se detiene allí. Vamos a ampliar los argumentos e intentar movernos un poco más allá de los límites 01- Las palabras nos permiten expresar lo que pensamos y de esa manera […]

To me, the sun is the ultimate source of light, so it only seemed natural to pursue that source — Cahan explains.

How is the profession of the architect evolving as the focus of society shifts from sustainability to resilience or reactivist-driven design demands? Alexander Mooi. Asignifying Semiotics: Or How to Paint Pink on Pink, Spring 2014, pp. 119-128 The perceived paradigms of architecture In order to offer a point of departure for answering these questions, it […]

Asignifying Semiotics as Proto-Theory of Singularity: Drawing is Not Writing and Architecture does Not Speak Deborah Hauptmann and Andrej Radman, editors. Asignifying Semiotics: Or How to Paint Pink on Pink, Spring 2014, pp. 01-12 Discarding the Hegemony of the Linguistic Signifier Gilles Deleuze famously credits Charles Saunders Peirce with propagating the asignifying sign, which is […]

The functions are banal: a house divided in private area with bedrooms, and social area with living-rooms. The private areas are at street level under the plot, around a central courtyard with rooms opening to private patios in a intimate environment. The living rooms are around a void, that collects light from above and gazes […]

The house is divided into two parallel volumes slightly shifted from each other, thus creating spaces both in front of and behind the building. Oriented to the park in the north and the alley in the south, the two adjacent gables emphasize the overall theme for the area in general: narrow plots and a variation […]