BIM Project Inception Guide


NATSPEC BIM Project Inception Guide
First published 2014
Publisher: Construction Information Systems Limited ABN 20 117 574 606


This Document is protected by Copyright © 2014. You may use this Document for your own purposes. You may distribute this Document to other persons provided that you attribute the Document as having been generated by NATSPEC and that the document is available free of charge at

Key points of the NATSPEC BIM Project Inception Guide

  • The ability to influence whole of life costs is greatest during the earliest stages of the project.
  • A clear brief and thorough project planning is critical for a successful outcome.
  • Engage a well-qualified Lead BIM Adviser at the beginning of the project.
  • Follow a structured process for defining BIM requirements and engaging the project team, asoutlined in the Inception Guide.
  • Use a structured process to select BIM uses that support project goals and objectives.
  • Clearly define client information requirements and deliverables for each phase of the project,particularly for facility management, and document them in the Project BIM Brief prior to issuing

    Requests for Proposals for project team members.

  • One of the key advantages of BIM is the ability to effectively capture data that will be usefulduring the operational phase of the project – take a whole of lifecycle approach.
  • Contractors provide valuable project experience and deliver the bulk of facilities managementinformation – involve them in project planning and design phases as early as possible.
  • Base consultant and contractor selection on their demonstrated capabilities with respect to therequirements documented in the Project BIM Brief, rather than on marketing-style statements.
  • Consultant and contractor bids should follow the format requested in Requests for Proposals to

assist comparison and assessment based on stated performance criteria.

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