Konrad Wachsmann


The architect Konrad Wachsmann was born in 1901. After an apprenticeship as carpenter he studied at the arts-and-crafts schools of Berlin and Dresden and at the Berlin Academy of Arts, with the architect Hans Poelzig in Berlin and Potsdam, who was one of the main representatives of expressionistic architecture in Germany. Wachsmann was chief architect with the back then greatest wood construction company in Europe, Christoph & Unmack AG in Niesky, Lower Silesia from 1926 on.

In the early 20s he developed an industrial prefabricated wood construction system for single family houses and after travelling to the USA and met Albert Einstein, Wachsmann designed Einstein’s summer house in Caputh near Potsdam:
“In spring 1929 Konrad Wachsmann got to know of the birthday present of the city of Berlin to Albert Einstein (50th birthday) and that Einstein in this connection was interested in a wood house. Thus he went to Berlin to Haberlandstrasse 5 and offered Einstein to build this house for him. After some conversations with Einstein and numerous construction proposals Wachsmann received the order to build the house.”

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