Protecting the status quo of architecture is not the answer

The world needs for more architects..

Protecting the status quo of what architecture is perceived of today and limiting the number of architects is not the answer. We need MORE architectural thinking, and an expansion by being inclusive and training the next generation.

The status quo and not seeing the future never turns out pretty. Here is what happened to the Kodak Moment:
There has never been a time in the history civilization that the need for the skills of architects are needed more. The gnarly challenges of the environment and the place we are as architects that understand how to solve complex problems, puts us at the center of this challenge if we decide to accept it head on. The demand is there, the problem is that if architects don’t fill it, others already are.
What architecture needs is the realization that we have the solutions, but need to expand the definition of what we do as architects beyond “the project” or “the contract” and become proactive at connecting the dots to complex problems and moving architecture into the 21st century. We are all not there yet, but can get there.

Kimon Onuma FAIA
Onuma, Inc.
Pasadena CA


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