To be a BIM Manager


Those are the challenges you must face, are you ready?

Transitioning to New Software Platforms

Software Training

Hardware Consultant

Content/Template Creation

Development, Documentation of and Adherence to Company Standards

Research & Development

Workflow & Process Development

Proposal/Contract Language and Involvement

Employee Assessment and Improvement

Project-Specific Support

Not Just a BIM Manager:

In my opinion, the most effective BIM Managers are ones who come from backgrounds specific to their target audience. For example, I worked for nearly a decade in the architecture industry prior to developing my skills as a BIM Manager. As such, I have the ability to apply my knowledge of design and construction document creation to better understand which of the many software tools would be most effective for production. I emphasize training others not as a Revit-user, but as an architect who uses the tool.

Similarly, I have a friend and fellow BIM Manager who made a career as a plumbing and mechanical engineer before filling his firm’s need of a BIM Manager. Through his experience, he customizes his training to give the users certain tools and information to assist them which may otherwise be left out.

There are other tasks which arise for BIM Managers in differing firms, and each discipline within the AEC industry has its own necessities and quirks. Whether your firm has a full-time BIM Manager or someone filling in as best they can, I hope you can see the benefits a BIM Manager can provide.

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