Forward thinking


Big Data, BIM and the Cloud
A lot of changes are being seen with the connection of powerful BIM tools to the cloud. For urban planning alone, city planners can now create living models of whole cities with lots of added information, like all of the meta-data for elements like storm and flood water flows, pedestrian and vehicle traffic, energy use, solar energy potential, windflows and more. This can help them to simulate, identify and understand the city-wide impact of their design decisions before actual construction begins.

In construction, data-rich 3D models created within a BIM workflow will increasingly be used on construction sites, which will help increase accuracy, reduce cost and lead to greater sustainability, safety and productivity.

Across the utilities sector, more professionals will be combining GIS and BIM data in a shift to model-based solutions. Cloud-based services will help in the deployment and management of information, as well as the incorporation of augmented reality and reality capture data to update and keep workflow conditions current on projects.

The Internet of Things
Since 2014, the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) has widely evolved and progressed due to a convergence of technologies. Autodesk sees IoT as leaving big impacts on infrastructure, city planning & management and architecture & buildings.


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