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Luis Fernández-Galiano @anyonecorporation Marxist theory of art (from its founding fathers to Lukács, Brecht, Benjamin, and Adorno) has had many and very different incarnations, but rarely has it been received as placidly and unanimously as in Xi’s China, however true it may be that compared to the drama of the Cultural Revolution, there is something […]

Radical Collaboration Students come to the with an intense curiosity, a deep affinity for other people, and the desire to gain an understanding beyond their own experience. They come from every school on campus, and beyond. Instead of working on different pieces of the same project, they navigate each step in the innovation process […]

Align knowledge management systems (or any system for that matter) with how people do work. Lew Platt, the former chairman, president, and CEO of Hewlett-Packard once said: “If HP only knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.” Even companies a fraction of the size of HP need a good knowledge management system […]

THE FIRST ATTEMPTED EXAMINATIONS of the connection between genius and insanity were largely anecdotal. In his 1891 book, The Man of Genius, Cesare Lombroso, an Italian physician, provided a gossipy and expansive account of traits associated with genius—left-handedness, celibacy, stammering, precocity, and, of course, neurosis and psychosis—and he linked them to many creative individuals, including […]

This is particularly so when we start to see heavy discounting on fees become a feature of the market; usually a sign of shrinking or limited opportunities. Competing on price is a race to the bottom strategy, which drags everyone down with it. What happens is that practices small and large then find themselves struggling […]

Buildings brought to life This wayfinding is brought to life through real-time synthetic environments, a 3D gaming technology. Designs and signage can be explored and tested at an early stage of the project lifecycle, ensuring the correct level of information is available to the user throughout their journey. Architects and developers are able to review […]

Un proyecto de construcción pasa por múltiples fases, desde su inicio hasta su demolición. Estas fases se denominan habitualmente Fases del Ciclo de vida del Proyecto (PLPs, del inglés Project Lifecycle Phases) e incluyen actividades tanto de pre-construcción (planificación, estimación de costes), como de post-construcción (ocupación y mantenimiento de la instalación). Las fases del ciclo […]

Esa es la diferencia entre hecho y sensaciones. Usted me dirá que necesita esto o aquello, pero si se pone a pensar en que haría si sucediera algo distinto, por ejemplo algo no cree que necesita, se daría cuenta que a veces solo necesita ayuda. Si se conecta en los hechos, probablemente deje pasar más […]

Creative resolution. After two years, Coughran had to admit that Build from Scratch was not stable enough for Google’s needs, and Big Table couldn’t handle the growing array of Google apps, including YouTube. However, he believed that the Big Table approach was more viable in the short term. His conclusion was a tough call. “It was easy to make […]