Knowledge-Base for BIM


Bilal Succar (ChangeAgents AEC, Australia) & Willy Sher (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the current expression of technical and procedural innovation within the construction industry. It is a methodology for generating, exchanging and managing a constructed facility’s data throughout its life cycle. While BIM is solidly rooted in technological advances, partially transferred from other industries, it extends into the realm of social exchanges between organizational actors. As a transformative approach to designing, constructing and operating in the built environment, BIM includes a wide range of concepts, tools and workflows which need to be learned and applied by industry stakeholders.

To equip current and future industry professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in collaborative BIM workflows and integrated project deliverables, it is first important to identify the competencies that need to be taught at educational institutions or trained on the job. Also, to facilitate the development of BIM learning modules addressing both the specific and common requirements of a variety of learners, a large inventory of well- structured competencies is needed.

This paper first introduces the collaborative BIM education framework developed by a joint industry/academia initiative in Australia in 2011-2012. It then focuses on the first three components within the framework to align our research efforts in developing a BIM competency knowledge-base to facilitate BIM learning. In describing our efforts, we use the term BIM learning rather than BIM education to focus attention on what needs to be learned rather than on how, where and when learning occurs. We also use the term competencies to integrate the granular notions of BIM knowledge, skills and experience.

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