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DESIGN OPTIMIZATION Design optimization tools are creation tools that use parametric modeling, performance simulation and mathematical optimization to systematically generate and evaluate design alternatives (Holtzer et al. 2007). Design optimization, also known as design optioneering (Gerber et al. 2012) and computational design (Arieff 2013), is a departure from traditional architecture and engineering practice. Typically, architects […]

Information Sharing via Information Mobility As a result, there is a real risk that companies will either impose costly technology choices on partner organisations across the building supply chain, from mechanical engineers to contractors, or be coerced into making technology choices that fail to reflect other key business requirements simply to achieve BIM compliance. Sadly, […]

The age of innovation is upon is – but success is still a people challenge. We are firmly into the age of innovation, at a watershed in terms of bridging the gap between the real world and the digital models that help us to manage our global infrastructure. Having spent the week immersed in BIM […]

Q: Has the industry moved beyond simply seeing BIM as a version of CAD towards an understanding that data is a resource? A: Different sectors approach this issue in different ways and are at different stages of maturity. For example long term asset managers such as Network Rail or UK Power Networks understand that they […]

Architects think about materials a lot—as much as they think about budgets, plans, programs, and sites. But there’s another way to think about materials, as in the raw materials of a neighborhood or a community: the people and their sense of place, their pride in what they do and where they live, and the means […]

Data is one of the biggest byproducts of the 21st century. Almost everything we do produces data, from swiping credit cards to emailing, “liking” photos on Facebook, and requesting directions in Google Maps. Meanwhile, an increasing number of gadgets in the built environment, such as thermostats and refrigerators, are bolstering the Internet of Things and relaying the data that they […]

For Dr. Kate Sang, associate professor in management at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, the work life of architects provided a rich vein of material to mine. A career path filled with all-night work sessions and sprints to finish submissions, the profession provided an ideal exploration of work-life balance. But after interviewing numerous firms and […]

As BIM (building information modelling) is increasingly being adopted as a standard in architecture and construction, civil engineers are now seeking to identify the role it can play in their field. Civil engineers who are regularly engaged with architects or structural engineers may already be familiar with BIM, but for those who are involved in […]

Noam Andrews March 2015 Excerpt from Log 33, Winter 2015 Below the heading, “What is drawing and how fine pictures are made and recognized,” in his introduction to the second edition of The Lives of the Artists (1568), Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) appraises the importance of drawing for architecture. “The drawings [disegni] of architecture are composed of nothing but lines, […]