Optimize BIM


The Problem

Recent studies show that the U.S. construction industry has not taken full advantage of available technology and progressive business practices to boost productivity and lower costs in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

In August 2004, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report titled “Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry.” The report stated that the U.S. capital facilities industry loses conservatively $15.8 billion a year because of inadequate interoperability due to “the highly fragmented nature of the industry, the industry’s continued paper-based business practices, a lack of standardization, and inconsistent technology adoption among stakeholders.”

BIM covers geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of project components (for example, sustainability or energy performance). Using BIM can enhance the entire building life cycle including construction and facility operation. Beyond illustrating the physical relationships of the project components, BIM is increasingly being used to predict performance, cost and time to construct.

BIM allows the entire project team to “construct” a virtual building, allowing each team member to add its own discipline-specific knowledge to the single model, or in most cases, multiple coordinated models. This process greatly reduces the information loss that occurs when a new participant joins the project and provides extensive information to building owners far beyond that which they usually receive.

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