Speculative Visions of Pragmatic Architectures


A range of theoretical ideas, fabrication processes and preserved architectural pieces are featured in Krannert Art Museum’s modernist-focused exhibit, “Speculative Visions of Pragmatic Architectures.”

“You’ve got everything from built work … to furniture work, which combines both analog and digital processes through the making,” said Jeffery Poss, professor of architecture and curator of the exhibit. “(In addition to) some large-scale, more conceptual-type work … and some that was also done in conjunction with students.”

The exhibit aims to highlight the school of architecture’s detail + FABRICATION Program, a relatively new area in the school developed over the past two years.

Poss helped initiate the project idea in late 2013 with his colleagues in the school bringing together Professor Erik Hemingway, academic professional Hugh Swiatek, and visiting professors Brian Vesely and Camden Greenlee.

“The exhibit as a whole is really about (how) designers, especially within the school of architecture, are looking at the process of making as design research,” said Swiatek, fabrication coordinator in the school of architecture.

This is Swiatek’s first experience as an exhibitor for Krannert. His work consists of three stools made completely or partially from concrete and wood. Photos on the wall display the step-by-step design process and what it took to create the pieces, he said.

“All of the pieces are made using CNC routing,” he said. “So they exist in a digital sphere. But at the same time, they also rely on traditional craft woodworking techniques.”

The entire exhibit essentially serves as a juxtaposition of conventional concepts and modern perspectives.

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