Adopting BIM for Facilities Management – A Trend on the Rise


Today, even as the BIM revolution has taken the construction industry by a storm, and has created significant time and cost efficiencies, its full-fledged use for facility management is yet to become commonplace.

According to BIM expert Bhushan Avsatthi; Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services‘The trend is changing. Today, especially when we talk of complex and large projects, a comprehensive BIM approach is adopted. This means, client wants to extract everything they can out of BIM and this includes facility management capabilities as well.’

The industry acknowledges that BIM technology makes facility management easier, and it also allows the O&M team to visualize the spaces within a building with all its elements. Adopting BIM for Facilities Management can facilitate operations and maintenance of a building in the most efficient manner. The information rich model enables a FM to take informed decisions.

Some benefits of BIM for facility management that stand-out include:

  • It enables effective communication and collaboration amongst team members, managers, contractors and other involved stakeholders.
  • It makes space management easy, and is especially effective in facilities such as hospitals, universities, clubs and other such buildings.
  • It is the most effective tool for preventive maintenance for all mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.
  • Using BIM, it is possible to analyze energy usage in any building or facility. This helps track any discrepancies in functioning of electrical equipments and appliances and is of great assistance in improving the energy efficiency quotient of a building.
  • The process of maintaining complete documentation and maintenance reports can be easy, accurate and efficient using BIM capabilities.

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