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 JORNADA BIM-FADU 2015 CONVOCATORIA ABIERTA BIM-FADU es una agrupación de docentes de la Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires dedicados a la investigación, desarrollo y difusión de la metodología BIM. BIM-FADU realiza una jornada anual de difusión, con el apoyo de la Secretaría Académica, la Secretaría de Posgrado y […]

Architects and engineers are faced with managing an increasingly complex ‘ecosystem’ of tools. There is no question that different tools serve different purposes within the design and delivery process. However, connecting the dots into a working ‘pipeline’ can often be challenging. A lack of interoperability between the tools can result in information loss between project stakeholders, which […]

What can GIS do for a business?  In the retail space, it can be used to optimise logistics; to decide where a new distribution warehouse or a new outlet should be positioned; or to decide when seasonal perishable goods should be delivered to different shops around the country to minimise waste and maximise sales.  In […]

The construction industry is in the midst of a technology renaissance. BIM served as the initial catalyst for this period of innovation, but has now grown beyond “just BIM” to include innovations in many other areas such as mobility, laser scanning, and Big Data analytics among others. Supporting processes are changing as well. The construction […]

“Was ist Metaphysik?” (title borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger, 1929) is storytelling through the architectural detail. Every visual signification not only into what is meant to represent, but also from the perspective which frames and contains. Is possible that an object may be superfluous represent him the totality when a detail can […]

from Practical BIM SURVEY BIM Survey BIM is the creation of a virtual model of what already exists. It is very new field as advances in technology make it economic, with new players entering the field. Traditionally design professionals have modelled existing conditions, but one would expect Land Surveyors to become the main creators of […]

Wooden bikes may be beautiful, but they’re also a tad impractical. Nevertheless, there may be unexpected value in wooden bike frames, which architects can use to understand important structural challenges and prototype new designs. That, at least, is the rationale behind bike manufacturer AERO’s latest prototype. Architects Martino Hutz, Atanas Zhelev and Mariya Korolova built this wood-framed bike not […]

13 June 1996 New York Dear Borges, Since your literature was always placed under the sign of eternity, it doesn’t seem too odd to be addressing a letter to you. (Borges, it’s 10 years!) If ever a contemporary seemed destined for literary immortality, it was you. You were very much the product of your time, your culture, […]

This small house in the countryside is designed around a long panoramic window with a view into the garden and the surrounding landscape. The 17.5 m long, floor to ceiling, stretch of glass blurs the threshold between inside and outside. The longitudinal frame guides the eye in a walk through the landscape; from a dense […]

BIM diffusion


BIM diffusion is a term describing the spread and adoption of BIM tools, workflows and protocols within a defined population. This diffusion may occur within an organization (internal or micro diffusion) or across a whole market (macro diffusion). However, BIM diffusion is not a measure of software licenses bought or a reflection of BIM awareness/readiness, but a measure of actual […]