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Level of Definition This project is one of the first to deliver fully integrated modelling in a BIM environment across design, construction and facilities management (FM). The university wanted a single source of information on the building that everyone could access. It also wanted electronic management of files linked to 3D models to give it […]

PRESERVATION Project Soane Launches Virtually Worldwide The crowdsourced effort to reconstruct Sir John Soane’s Bank of England using BIM will run through December. By GIDEON FINK SHAPIRO Joseph Michael Gandy courtesy the Trustees of Sir John Soane’s MuseumAerial cutaway view of from the southeast, drawn in 1830 When the majority of the Bank of England building, […]

by Ben, at NotionParallax Daniel Davis writes that he doesn’t think that architects can be automated. I know Daniel a little bit, he’s very switched on. I think he watered down the conclusion to that article to please the audience. Readers of Architect magazine aren’t likely to be receptive to being told that they are a few years […]

AECbytes “Building the Future” Article (July 30, 2015) While the concept of virtual reality is now very familiar to most technology professionals and its use commonplace in many industries including AEC, there is another concept that is slowly emerging and gaining ground in technology—that of “augmented reality.” In contrast to the fully immersive experience of […]

Definición de maquillaje BIM El término maquillaje BIM proviene del Encalado (o lavado de cara), “una pintura o revestimiento blanco, barato, de cal utilizado para dar rápidamente un aspecto limpio y uniforme a una amplia variedad de superficies”. Metafóricamente, encalar significa “disimular o encubrir vicios, crímenes o escándalos o exonerar a través de […] la presentación sesgada […]

S3 City Villa is sculpted so as to face the hills and river valley, giving the home a sense of privacy and remoteness. It is a clever design that is sure to please the lucky family that lives here.

 by Autodesk FUTURE_DESIGN

 by Autodesk CAD_EVOL

BBC archives. Nowness pick Despite his troubling political views (not least his support for Vichy France), Le Corbusier’s ongoing influence on modern architecture is profound, and this documentary excerpt touching on the visionary French-Swiss architect’s unrealized utopian project Ville Radieuse is a compelling watch.

An Interview with David Morgareidge of Page Innovation disrupts many domains of business but few domains drive innovation. Technology is one major exception that tends to disrupt all the other domains it touches. Architecture and design, like so many other fields, are being transformed by technology. The question for practitioners and AEC leaders is how […]